The Answers Your Patients are Looking For

  • As a pharmacist, you ask customers if they have questions about their prescriptions. And they ask you for advice about their medication.
  • Up until now, you relied on generalized target population studies to provide medication guidance.
  • But what if you could give medication advice based on their individual genetic profile; advice that is specific to that patient?

Rxight® Pharmacogenetic Testing

Rxight® pharmacogenetic testing will provide you with information on which medications your customers may have trouble metabolizing, based on their genetic profile and evidence based research. As experts in medication interactions and pharmacogenomics, pharmacists are poised to play a crucial role in the Rxight™ revolution.


The Rxight® pharmacogenetic test uses DNA from buccal cells to detect the presence or absence of gene markers. These gene markers have been identified as indicators of how a person will metabolize given medications. The MD Labs’ scientific team uses open array technology to identify 60 alleles present on 18 genes that determine the metabolism of over 200 medications.

Provide PGx Testing at Your Pharmacy

MD Labs will provide you with the appropriate training, in-store marketing and patient education materials to help you implement a successful pharmacogenetic testing program within your pharmacy.


Importantly, the patient price of the Rxight® test also includes a Personalized Medication Review (PMR)® with a pharmacist trained in pharmacogenomics. During the PMR®, the pharmacist will interpret the report for the patient. Depending on the patient, the PMR® could potentially be incorporated into an MTM. You must consult with prescribing physicians before making any medication recommendations to the customer.

Enhanced Care with Rxight®

To learn more about the Rxight® pharmacogenetic test, to order Rxight® test kits for your pharmacy, or If you are interested in joining the MD Labs team of trained pharmacists conducting compensated PMR®’s, contact us today at (888) 888-1932.


With Rxight®, you can enhance your relationship with both prescribers and customers by steering them through the world of personalized medicine, and equipping them with the knowledge they need to find the right drug, the first time.