Be More Confident in What You Prescribe

When you combine Rxight® PGx testing with your own medical expertise, you’ll be more confident that your patients are getting the most suitable medication for their needs, based on their genetics. Moreover, pharmacogenetics for physicians is anticipated to be important across all medical specialties particularly with the increasing popularity of concierge medicine.


As our healthcare system moves to an outcome-based model, Rxight® offers healthcare professionals a new drug sensitivity testing tool to help inform your medication treatment decision by providing you information specific to your patients’ genetic profiles.


For patients being prescribed new medications or taking multiple prescriptions, Rxight® can help you better understand how your patient may respond to a particular drug, which may have potentially life-altering or perhaps even life-saving benefits.


How Rxight® PGx Testing Works

  • The Rxight® PGx test uses DNA from buccal cells to detect the presence or absence of gene markers. These gene markers have been identified as indicators of how a patient will metabolize given medications. MD Labs’ scientific team uses open array technology to identify 60 alleles present on 18 genes that determine the metabolism of over 200 medications.
  • Importantly, the patient price of the Rxight® PGx test also includes a Personalized Medication Review (PMR)® with a pharmacist trained in pharmacogenomics. During the PMR®, the pharmacist will interpret the report for the patient. The pharmacist is required to coordinate medication recommendations with you, the prescribing physician.
  • Patients are told not to discontinue or make any changes to their medication without first consulting their provider. Pharmacogenetic testing does not replace the physician’s role in determining medication therapy.
  • PGx testing makes the field of pharmacogenetics possible. With pharmacogenetics focusing on how your body metabolizes certain medications based on your genetic profile, pharmacogenomics is the broader category relating to the study of genetic variations that influence an individual’s response to drugs.

The American Medical Association on Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine:

“One of the most important components of personalized medicine is pharmacogenomics, the study of genetic variations that influence individual response to drugs. Enzymes responsible
for drug metabolism and proteins that determine the cellular response to drugs (receptors) are encoded by genes, and can therefore be variable in expression, activity level and
function when genetic variations are present. Knowing whether a patient carries any of these variations may help health care professionals individualize drug therapy, decrease the
number of adverse drug reactions and increase the effectiveness of drugs. “

Click to Read the AMA’s Pharmacogenomics: Increasing the safety and effectiveness of drug therapy.

AMA pharmacogenomics