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Rxight® is the most comprehensive pharmacogenetic program on the market, and can guide your prescriber in determining how your body is likely to respond to more than 200 prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications before you even take them. This allows your prescriber and pharmacist to prescribe and fill medications that are right for you and help you avoid medications that may cause side effects.  Locate a participating pharmacy & discover your medication profile today.


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Covered conditions and medications

Rxight® examines your DNA for indicators of how you might respond to certain medications. It lasts for a lifetime and covers more than 200 prescription and OTC medications, including those for:

  • Acid reflux
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Blood clots
  • Cancer
  • Cholesterol
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Pain
  • Other

If your condition or medication is not listed, your pharmacist should be able to provide you with more information, or see the full list of covered medications by specialty.

Get a lifetime of benefits

Helps identify which medications and doses are most effective for you, based on your DNA

  • When you visit a participating pharmacy, a Rxight® Certified Pharmacist will help you swab the inside of your cheeks for DNA and send it to our lab. Your DNA is analyzed at our lab, using state-of-the-art equipment, for the presence of key markers tied to your ability to metabolize various medications. This process achieves 99.8% accuracy, and the test empowers your healthcare provider to personalize and prescribe medications that are right for you instead of relying on trial and error.

Helps avoid ineffective and unsafe medications, based on your body’s sensitivity

  • Many prescription and OTC medications come with unwanted side effects, which may result from your inability to metabolize or respond to those medications because of your genetic profile. The Rxight® test helps you identify the medications that are safe for your body and those you should avoid, before you even take the medication.

Includes Personalized Medication Review (PMR)® with a Rxight® Certified Pharmacist

  • After your Rxight® test results are available, your Rxight® Certified Pharmacist will schedule an appointment to review the results with you. This session is called the Personalized Medication Review (PMR)® and is included in the price of Rxight™.
  • During the PMR® session, the Rxight® Certified Pharmacist will discuss the risks and benefits of your current and future medications, indicating which medications are right for you and which you should avoid, all based on your DNA profile. As needed, the pharmacist will also discuss the results with your physician to help in personalizing your clinical treatment plan.

Helps you ensure long-term health for you and your family

  • By investing in your health, you can improve how you live your life, now and in the future. If you are considering Rxight® for you and your family, here are some facts to consider:
    • A majority of Americans take prescription medications without being fully informed about associated risks, contraindications and adverse effects.1, 2
    • At least 1.5 million cases of preventable adverse events occur in the US each year; they are costly and sometimes result in fatal incidents.1, 2
  • A survey conducted by Harris Interactive® showed that:1,3
    • 35% of people who were on prescription medication reported that they had decided not to take the medication, because they had concerns about potential adverse events.
    • 94% of people who have had an adverse event reported they had stopped taking a medication due to an adverse reaction.
  • Taking the right medication and dose is essential to maintaining long-term health for you and your family. And that’s why investing in Rxight® makes sense.

Medicare and many commercial insurance companies cover the cost of the Rxight®  program for certain qualifying patients. Ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist if the Rxight®  pharmacogenetic program is right for you. Rxight®  also offers an affordable cash pay option for those without insurance coverage.


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