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MD Labs Appoints Dr. Teri E. Klein of Stanford as a Consultant for its Rxight® Pharmacogenetics Program

By August 9, 2016Announcements

PharmGKB Director to Enhance MD Labs’ Scientific and Clinical Research


MD Labs is proud to appoint of Dr. Teri E. Klein of Stanford University, PharmGKB and the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) as a consultant for its Rxight pharmacogenetics. Dr. Klein’s addition to the Rxight pharmacogenetics team as a consultant will enhance the team’s scientific and clinical abilities as we bring this novel medication therapy program to the retail pharmacy market.


Dr. Klein received her undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Biology in 1980, from the University of California at Santa Cruz. In 1987, Dr. Klein completed her Ph.D. at the University of California at San Francisco, in Medical Information Sciences.


While consulting for MD Labs, Dr. Klein remains a Senior Research Scientist in Stanford’s Department of Genetics, as well as the Director and Co-Principal Investigator for PharmGKB, the globally recognized and NIH funded resource for clinical pharmacogenetics information. Prior to her position at PharmGKB, Dr. Klein was an Associate Adjunct Professor at the University of California at San Francisco. Her research interests include pharmacogenetics, computational biology, and bioinformatics.


Dr. Klein is one of the co-founders and leaders of CPIC. Working collaboratively, PharmGKB curates the worldwide pharmacogenetics data and CPIC provides the clinical guidance to help implement pharmacogenetics into clinical practice.


Dr. Klein’s research involves studies of an integrated knowledge base concerning variation in human genetics and how it can lead to variation in our response to drugs, the stability of the collagen triple helix, and the relationship and prediction of lethal mutations for the genetic collagenous disease Osteogenesis imperfecta.


Developed by MD Labs, Rxight® provides genetic medication therapy guidance for over 210 medications, and includes a Personalized Medication Review with a Rxight certified pharmacist. Rxight® offers healthcare providers a way to better understand their individual patient’s responses to prescription and over the counter
medication, and reduces the risk of adverse drug reactions, which on average claim 106,000 deaths per year, according to research by the Food and Drug Administration.


The MD Labs CLIA-Certified Rxight® Pharmacogenetics Test covers over 200 prescription and OTC medications, and as such allows prescribers to incorporate an individual’s genetic profile to make better and more informed medication therapy decisions.

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