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PGx as Applied to ACS Protocol: Maximizing CMS Incentive Payments to Hospitals

PGx as Applied to ACS Protocol

Anti-platelet pharmacotherapy is an established standard of care for Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) to reduce thrombotic risk. Incorporating pharmacogenetic testing and pharmacist engagement into the prescribing protocol allows the provider to understand the patient’s genetic phenotype to help determine whether the patient will achieve the optimal therapeutic outcome – and thus mitigate potentially serious adverse effects or sub-optimal treatment response.

Using PGx/ACS Protocol to Enhance Quality-Based Payments

The new PGx/ACS Protocol can help maximize CMS quality-based incentive payments. As discussed in Becker’s Hospital Review “How managing medications based on genetics can enhance quality-based payments” (January 17 2017), pharmacogenetic testing can reduce drug-related complications and readmission rates, thus sparing added costs to hospitals and providers.
A recent report out of the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System demonstrated that PGx reduced 90-Day ER and Hospital Readmission Rates by 68% leading to $2,043 savings per patient and almost $600K overall savings to UIC. This becomes even more important as the new CMS Cardiac Bundle takes effect this coming July.

Contact MD Labs for Information on the PGx/ACS Protocol and
its Turnkey PGx Testing Program

Contact MD Labs for details on the PGx/ACS Protocol and how to implement it with the Rxight® PGx program. A cornerstone of MD Labs’ Rxight® program is incorporating PGx trained and certified pharmacist as part of the protocol, as pharmacist involvement in patient care is proven to help reduce readmission rates.
MD Labs’ Rxight® Program provides turnkey implementation and includes pharmacist training in PGx and certification to conduct PGx consultations. Additionally, the Rxight® program is integrated within the hospital lab offerings for establishing collection procedures. DNA test kits are provided by MD Labs, and results are accessible via online provider and patient portals.
Assess your hospital’s cost saving opportunity by calculating the 90-day hospital readmission costs due to drug-related complications (clopidogrel and coumadin), over the last 3 years. Call MD Labs at 1-888-888-1932, or email info@Rxight.com to get started. Rxight.com

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