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The Benefits of PGx Testing

The relatively new field of pharmacogenetics has allowed healthcare providers to better understand the relationship between an individual’s genetic characteristics and effective medical treatment. Genetic testing has shown that some people have genetic variances that put them at higher risk for certain diseases. Genetic variances also affect the way an individual responds to medications. Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing is a type of DNA testing that looks at your genetic profile to determine which drugs will provide the most benefit for you, reduce the risk of side effects and reduce the potential for drug-drug interactions. Rxight pharmacogenetic testing examines your DNA to identify genetic variants that can affect drug metabolism.


The Rxight® pharmacogenetic testing program offers you and your healthcare providers important information about how you may respond to more than 200 prescription and over-the-counter medicines. A DNA cheek swab taken by a trained healthcare provider is sent to MD Labs for analysis. The scientific team at MD Labs uses open array technology to perform precision genetic analysis of 60 alleles on 18 genes.


Open array testing allows a large number of genes and alleles to be tested simultaneously with a high degree of accuracy. Only one test is needed to receive information on all the pertinent genetic variables. Other PGx testing regimens may analyze only one variable at a time, requiring multiple testing and resulting in higher costs. The Rxight PGx results show how your genetic make-up may affect drug metabolism and effectiveness.


You receive a Personalized Medication Review (PMR)® as part of testing. A certified Rxight pharmacist will discuss the results with you, including which medications may pose a higher risk and which are beneficial based on your unique DNA. Both the pharmacy and doctor work together to ensure that your prescription is safe and effective for you. When the PMR® is kept on file, the dispensing pharmacist can verify that the prescribed medicines are compatible with your genetic characteristics. Your pharmacist cannot alter a doctor’s prescription. Instead, a certified Rxight pharmacist can communicate with your doctor to ensure that the right medicine and right dose are prescribed.


Adverse drug reactions are responsible for more than 700,000 visits to emergency rooms each year in the U.S. Many patients stop taking their medicine after having an adverse reaction, forfeiting the health benefit that the medicine should provide. Your Personalized Medication Review® allows doctors to choose medicines that are safe for you to take, reducing the potential for side effects. Certain genetic variants affect how quickly a drug is metabolized by your body. If testing shows that your genes affect the rate of drug metabolism, your doctor can adjust the dosage or select another medicine without going through a process of trial and error. This also saves money on expensive prescription medicines.


Rxight® believes that the right dose of the right medicine right from the start is the key to effective and safe patient drug use. Because your genetic characteristics do not change, you need to be tested only one time.







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