Getting started with Rxight® is as easy as
Step 1

The next time you see your healthcare provider, ask them to sign the authorization form.

Step 2

Visit a participating pharmacy to purchase Rxight® and provide a specimen. A simple, noninvasive cheek swab is all that’s needed to analyze your DNA.
Step 3

Meet with a Rxight® certified pharmacist for your Personalized Medication Review (PMR)®.
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Introducing Rxight®, CLIA certified pharmacogenetic testing to help patients, pharmacists, and prescribers get the right medicine, right from the start.®

Rxight® is simple, affordable and the most comprehensive DNA drug sensitivity program available.  Rxight® covers over 200 prescription and OTC medications, and as such allows prescribers to incorporate an individual’s genetic profile to make better and more informed medication therapy decisions. For patients, it’s the idea of precision medicine in its most personalized form. For pharmacists, it means knowing your customers have the medications best suited for them. And for providers, it brings evidence-based medicine, pharmacogenetics, to the patient level for better, quicker outcomes when prescribing medication.

Pharmacogenetic Testing for Fewer Adverse Drug Reactions

One of the key benefits of pharmacogenetic testing is the potential for the DNA test to prevent adverse drug reactions and avoid ineffective medications. Pharmacogenetic testing allows healthcare providers to further understand how patients will process and metabolize certain prescription and OTC medications based on the patient’s genetic profile.

Pharmacogenetic testing offers a comprehensive analysis of the genetic variations of an individual patient, creating a stronger foundation upon which a drug treatment plan may be structured. Equipped with pharmacogenetic insight, prescribers are better able to avoid prescribing medications to their patients that could result in an adverse reaction, and prescribe an optimized medication plan developed based on their patient’s genetic fingerprint.

While there are numerous ways adverse drug reactions can be reduced within the healthcare community, pharmacogenetic testing and a focus on precision medicine can provide the necessary framework for medication optimization and the prevention of adverse drug reactions across the board.


I have a son with ADHD, anxiety, and OCD. We had to figure out the proper ADHD meds before being able to put him on anything to alleviate his anxiety and OCD. That experience was a nightmare and caused him to have meltdowns at school. I didn’t want him to suffer anymore. I took his Rxight PGx report to the psychiatrist and he was placed on a recommended antidepressant. I hate to even think of what he may have gone through had he been placed on an improper medication.

Stacy B.

What if figuring out the right dose of medicine was as simple as taking our temperature? And that's the promise of precision medicine — delivering the right treatments, at the right time, every time to the right person (January 30, 2015 - remarks on Precision Medicine).

Barack ObamaPresident of the United States

We want to help healthcare providers maximize their clinical care, through Rxight® they can be further assured that the medications they prescribe are tailored for their patients and can reduce the risk of side effects.

Denis GrizeljCo-Founder/CEO of MD Labs

We can identify how genetic variation can lead to unintended medication consequences that may contribute to patients not taking their medication as prescribed and also help reduce long-term health care costs of medications.

Dr. Amina Abubakar2016 PDS Entrepreneur of the Year

I predict that pharmacogenetics will become a cornerstone in medicine over the next few years. As the research continues to grow, so will the power of this kind of testing to dramatically mitigate the potential dangers of consuming pharmaceuticals.

Eric LindbergPharmacogenetics Scientist

I am red flag for Plavix and am glad I know that now. As I am a non-responder, Plavix would probably not work for me and while I hope I never have the need, if I did have the need and was given Plavix in the hospital, I could be at a much higher risk of stroke.

Chuck D.Customer

Learned that morphine has no effect on me and that my my meds are all genetically suited for me. there is nothing worse than taking unnecessary and ineffective meds. Icannot imagine being more pleased. Would recommend in a nanosecond. Loved it I would do a commercial for you...

Craig G.Customer

I had been taking Nexium for over 10 years but my cough continued and was getting worse as time went by. My test results showed that I have an insufficient response to Nexium, meaning that I had spent over $6,000 on it without any benefit. As a result, my doctor changed my medication and now I am much better, finally.

Renee D.Customer